Fitness Together – Quiet Giant No More


How BizCom Associates helped Rick Sikorski turn his passion for fitness into a business with muscle.

  • Client: Fitness Together
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Purpose: To generate awareness for the business and drive prospects for the franchise.
  • Media coverage: Interviews and featured articles in international and national media outlets
Fitness Together and its quiet success

When founder Rick Sikorski contacted BizCom Associates, he had quietly been building the world’s largest wellness company, avoiding PR and the competition it might create. But with 350+ franchise locations, he was ready to share his true rags to riches story. Sikorski’s journey from sleeping in his very first location to building a multi-million-dollar empire was the stuff of legends.


Rick Sikorski (middle) and his Fitness Together team

A nationwide PR campaign for a multi-million-dollar franchise

Sikorski turned to BizCom Associates to launch a nationwide publicity campaign designed to generate awareness for the business and, more importantly, drive prospects for the franchise. BizCom delivered.

In less than 12 months, BizCom Associates had secured interviews and feature articles in USA Today, Readers Digest, MSNBC’s “The Big Idea, with Donnie Deutsche,” The Denver Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Costco Connection, and Inc. Magazine among others. All this publicity would have cost well over $200,000 in advertising.

The national publicity Sikorski and his brand received also led to more coverage in local markets where Fitness Together already had a presence but limited awareness.

Through this surge of publicity, Fitness Together was able to quickly expand and grow its brand and franchise system to more than 400 locations and counting. Now that’s a business with muscle.


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