Being a Leader: It’s time to start blogging

At BizCom, we work closely with many business leaders from our client companies. Many of them wonder what they could do more to benefit their business, and eventually, leverage their personal branding. In this digital world where content is king and people are relentlessly browsing for business opinions and good leadership skills, perhaps there is no better answer for this than starting a personal blog.

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Want to measure the value of your PR campaign? It’s priceless.

At BizCom, we’re admittedly biased about the power and strength of PR to deliver results for our clients. A look back at some of the PR campaigns, the national and international publicity wins and the leads generated from these efforts reinforces why we do what we do to help our clients grow their businesses. Our clients love our results too. But once in a while there comes a time when someone will ask: “What’s the ad equivalency for that?”

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Use PR to create a lasting impact

Since the early days of PR the challenge has been to find a way to blend the good of the company with the good of the community. Even as PR has evolved to become more focused on marketing and promotion,  there seems to be another growing trend, especially among the new generation of entrepreneurs, to build companies that want to do good while also doing well. And a well-planned PR campaign is one of the most effective ways to make this happen.

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PR for Frequent Flyers

Founders, presidents and CEOs of companies are busy people. Their calendars are littered with airline bookings and hotel stays. But that doesn’t mean PR has to suffer because they’re out of the office.

In fact, when executives are on the road, PR efforts should be flying high too. There’s nothing better than touting an industry expert coming to town. And in one recent case, BizCom’s publicity team turned a special road trip into a homecoming bonanza.

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Branding a CEO

By Monica Feid

When Don Dwyer, founder of The Dwyer Group, died unexpectedly in 1994, the company struggled to find the best person with a vision to lead the company in a rapidly-changing global marketplace.

In 1999, at the age of 35, one of Don’s six children, Dina Dwyer- Owens, was named CEO and president of The Dwyer Group. She immediately faced the challenge of proving to her constituencies that she could lead what was then a publicly-traded conglomerate of plumbers, carpet cleaners and other tradesmen spread around the world.
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