Fall’s delicious publicity

Fall breeze and autumn leaves can only mean one thing — summer is over and we are certainly not mad about it!

Pumpkins are everywhere and some of our favorite brands are celebrating in a big way, offering delicious fall flavored sweets that are sure to (pumpkin) spice this season up! [Read more…]

Want To Reach Your Foodie Audience? Don’t Forget Radio

BizCom Associates has extensive experience servicing popular restaurant brands, and after 16 years in business we’ve learned a thing or two about helping our clients interact with their customers through social media outlets and the impact it can have on their business. One channel in particular we turn to for social interaction is radio.

Yes, radio.

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Be Feisty . . . Get Noticed!

By Monica Feid

Recently, BizCom Associates helped Red Mango introduce its new Honey Badger frozen yogurt to the media. And it was no ordinary menu launch.

Welcome to the era of breaking news meets social media power.

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