BizCom’s Fall Intern on the Power of Connections in PR

As I head into my final semester at Baylor University, I find myself reflecting on the power of connections. Over the past three years, my time at Baylor has been shaped not just by textbooks and lectures, but by the relationships I’ve been able to build beyond the classroom. The past six months being an intern in the client services division at BizCom has reinforced the importance connections play in the world of PR.

In the spring semester of my junior year, I was taking Advanced PR, one of the final classes in the PR major track. Through this class, I was able to be introduced to a wide variety of industry professionals, including BizCom COO Monica Feid. Monica spoke to our class about the history, impact, and success BizCom has had. That class allowed me to connect with Monica and land my internship at BizCom.

In public relations, making connections is not just an optional skill – it’s the foundation. Whether we’re building relationships with co-workers, clients, or the media, these connections shape the work we create.

My internship at BizCom showed me that success relies not only on individual skills but on the ability to build connections. The collaborative environment at BizCom emphasized the importance of creating work together. From working with the media relations and digital teams I’ve learned that the strength of our connections within the team directly correlates with the success of our campaigns.

Despite being a remote agency with employees spread out all over the country, BizCom strives to foster a vibrant company culture. Their commitment to building strong connections among team members is shown through thoughtful initiatives like virtual lunches and happy hours.

One of the highlights of my internship was getting to interview and shadow everyone in the agency. This allowed me to understand all of the diverse roles and responsibilities that contribute to BizCom, as well as get to know each personality!

Shadowing allowed me to experience first-hand the day-to-day tasks of a handful of people on the team. Whether it was creating media lists, writing a LinkedIn article, or sitting in on a quarterly planning call, I got to see just a few of the capabilities we do at BizCom.

From Baylor to BizCom, my academic and professional goals have been enriched by the experiences gained during my internship. As I look forward to the future, I am grateful for all that I learned over the past six months. Closing the chapter on my undergrad and BizCom internship is bittersweet, but I’m excited to start a new one in New York as I will be doing Baylor in New York, a 5-month long work-study program through the Film and Digital Media department!