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The Who

Sport Clips is an innovative brand that has redefined the men’s haircut industry. With a strong focus on creating a unique and enjoyable grooming experience, Sport Clips stands out as a leader in providing top-notch services to its diverse clientele. Through comprehensive support, tailored training, and an emphasis on community, Sport Clips offers an unparalleled franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking stability, growth, and a team atmosphere that values individuality. With a reputation for excellence, a game-changing approach to grooming, and an inclusive franchise model, Sport Clips paves the way for aspiring business owners to achieve their dreams and thrive in the competitive hair salon industry.


The Why

As a famous brand in the franchising industry, Sport Clips wanted to keep scaling, focusing on multi-unit franchise deals while continuing to strengthen an already iconic brand.



The How

Brand J launched a series of different marketing strategies after creating a highly engaging franchise development website:

  • Franchise Development Website: Using captivating content and a focus on franchise development, Brand J launched Sport Clips’ new franchise website that converts leads far above the industry average.
  • Engaging Video Content: Good hair loves the camera. With Brand J’s professional suite of video services, we captured the heart of the Sport Clips brand story and produced many different types of video content to further enhance the website, as well as in lead gen advertising efforts.
  • Optimized Organic Content: From intriguing interviews to optimized cornerstone articles, Brand J produces content on a monthly basis that furthers SEO efforts and continues building a digital footprint.
  • Podcasts: Give potential franchise owners some real insight into the people behind your brand. With podcasts, Sport Clips is able to tell the story of current franchise owners, educate website visitors on support staff and their roles, and hook new potential franchisees like never before.
  • Digital Ads: From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Google, Brand J runs a series of different digital ad marketing campaigns for Sport Clips, created with the intention of franchise development and converting leads.



The Sport Clips franchise development website converts leads 2.5 times more than the industry average for franchise development websites.* Sport Clips was able to turn a surge of demand following lifted lockdowns into a thriving momentum of franchise growth that has carried the brand far past the pandemic. Now, Sport Clips boasts a 3 unit deal for new franchise owners, speeding franchise owners into multi-unit ownership right out the gate. With record numbers of franchise owners, Sport Clips is no stranger to best multi-unit franchise lists.

*According to Franchise Performance Group