The Faces Behind BizCom x Brand J: Dan Wiley, Director of Video Production at Brand J

Dan Wiley, Director of Video Production at Brand J, on maximizing video for franchise development.

With the team at BizCom growing with the recent acquisition of Brand J, we want to highlight another new member, Dan Wiley, Brand J’s Director of Video Production.

Dan has been with Brand J for 5 years. With a long history in the arena of content creation and digital media design, Dan oversees all larger production video projects for Brand J clients.

What excites you most about Brand J joining forces with BizCom? 

It truly is a match made in heaven. Together, BizCom and Brand J fill every imaginable marketing need that a client might have. PR, lead generation, social media marketing, advertising & design, websites, and, of course, video services!

What types of video content does the Brand J team produce?

At Brand J, we are obsessed with storytelling. Our end goal is to grow franchise systems and spread entrepreneurship, and there’s no better way to achieve that than to tell the success stories of those who came before. We produce both long and short-form content, brand stories, day-in-the-life videos, testimonials, and short documentaries, to name a few.

Why is video so important for franchise development? How does it move the needle?

When an entrepreneur is exploring a brand for their next (or first) franchise business, they’ll do whatever they can to discover the truth about how it will impact their life and their family. It is extremely important to produce a wide range of video content to help viewers connect with the real people and real stories behind the business. The best thing that you can do to win the attention and trust of desirable candidates is to show them the true stories of your passionate and driven franchisees.

What have been some of your favorite video projects you have worked on?

The most interesting and exciting part of working in the franchise industry has been watching entrepreneurship explode in just the last few years, since 2020. I have done stories on dozens of franchisees who were struggling to find employment 4 years ago. So many took their first leap into business ownership and are now flourishing and building a legacy for themselves and their families.

My favorite projects have been the short documentaries that capture those success stories.

What is something you wish more clients knew about video journalism?

Entrepreneurs aren’t just shopping for franchise brands with a high probability of success. They’re looking to connect on a much deeper level. I specialize in documentary storytelling because it has proven to be by far the most effective way to help brands connect with their most desirable franchise candidates.

Now for some lighter questions…

What is your ideal way to spend a weekend?

I am a wannabe man of the woods. Though I wouldn’t last long in a real survival situation, I like to spend a lot of my weekends seeking out good hikes, fishing spots, and mountain bike trails.

What are your favorite teams to cheer on?

I just hope both teams have fun.

What are 2-3 things others probably wouldn’t know about you or “fun facts”?

  • I think the 70s and 80s were the best times for movies and music.
  • I like to write and record songs. Listen to “Pete Gets Happy – Carousel Rogues” wherever you stream your music!
  • I’ve listened to too many podcasts and now believe in extraterrestrials.