The Faces Behind BizCom x Brand J: Jason Weaver, Senior Account Manager at Brand J

Jason Weaver, Senior Account Manager at Brand J, on opportunities in franchise development and the company’s recent acquisition by BizCom Associates

With the team at BizCom growing with the recent acquisition of Brand J, we want to highlight another new member, Jason Weaver.

Jason has been with Brand J for two and a half years. A graduate of Purdue University, Jason currently oversees the paid lead generation strategy and communication with clients.

What excites you most about Brand J joining forces with BizCom? 

I love that we are able to be a one stop shop for clients in their lead generation efforts. If a client needs videos, a website, paid ads, SEO work, PR, social media management, we are now able to provide a much wider array of services together.

What are the opportunities in franchise development right now?

Algorithms are changing now more than ever. Meta, LinkedIn, and search engines like Google and Bing are constantly changing the way that new candidates are found and our ability to target them.

Brands that can stay on top of the technology and leverage it in a meaningful way to connect with potential franchisees are brands that will outpace their competitors. Being able to have an effective social media presence, utilizing short form content, creating high quality videos and websites designed to be favored by algorithms and easily searchable, and building a rock solid identity and footprint as a brand is so much more possible now than it used to be. When a candidate does find you, you want them to have as much content as they could ever need to get to know your brand. Brands that take advantage of this are going to continue to see more and more success.

Where are your clients seeing the most success with paid lead gen?

On the paid ads side of things, I’ve found that the best leads a franchisor will get come from Google AdWords. Because of this, having a high quality website that is designed to convert is extremely important.

I also encourage a more diversified approach when it comes to ads strategy. Putting all of your eggs in one basket, especially at the start, is limiting your ability to find what works for you as a brand. Every brand is different. I have had clients come to us and say that they’ve tried Meta and it doesn’t work for them and that they don’t want to use it. Then after we talked them into trying it again they sold franchises to leads that came from Meta. Had those clients been completely closed off to trying that platform from the start, they would have never met those future franchisees.

What’s something you wish more clients knew about paid lead generation?

Something that often gets overlooked is how much the different tactics play off of one another. Everything we do from paid ads, PR, social media, SEO, video content, website development are all interconnected and created to work with the other methods to achieve the same goal. Individually these tactics are great but together they multiply the other’s effectiveness. You get sort of a 1+1=3 effect.

When we create our ads strategy, we are trying to have one cohesive message that works to find the right candidates. We want someone to be able to see a social media post or a media placement then to look you up on Google and see one of our ads and a blog in the top organic spot. When they click on the ad or organic content, we want them to be able to dive in and watch the videos, read the blogs or follow the research funnel and hopefully fill out a form. Then even if they don’t convert, we have retargeting ads and Facebook ads ready to find them again.

It’s one large system and everything works together. If any part of that system isn’t in place, high quality leads are being left on the table!

Now for some lighter questions….

What is your ideal way to spend a weekend?

My ideal weekend consists of working out, playing the guitar or piano, hanging with friends, and watching a few movies.

What are your favorite teams to cheer on?

I’m from Indiana and went to Purdue University so go Colts and Boiler up!!

What are 2-3 things others probably wouldn’t know about you or “fun facts”?

I write, record and release music!

My mom’s chicken pot pie is my favorite food. A 5 Guys bacon cheeseburger is a close second.

I love a good audio book. A Song of Ice and Fire and The Three-Body Problem are a few of my favorite series.