The Faces Behind BizCom x Brand J: Madi Leavy

We are thrilled to welcome Madi Leavy, graduate of the University of South Florida, as digital marketing specialist at Brand J.

Why do you love digital marketing?

I chose digital marketing because it is always changing and evolving. I like the challenge of coming up with new campaigns to see what sticks. 

What is the best advice you could give someone looking to start their career in marketing?

Always keep up with what’s trending!

When are you the happiest?

When I am hanging out with my dog, Poppy.

What’s an activity you have always wanted to try, but haven’t had the chance to?

It’s on my bucket list to go snorkeling in Australia. 

If you had an extra hour each day, how would you spend it (not work related)?

Reading a book! I love reading and am always taking new book recommendations. 

What is one talent you wished you had?

I wish I could play an instrument!

What are a few fun facts about you?

  • I live in Austin but I’m originally from Cincinnati. 
  • In my free time I enjoy going for hikes, runs, kayaking, and anything else that involves being outside. 
  • I love watching sports and am a Bengals, Cubs and Blackhawks fan.