The Faces Behind BizCom x Brand J: Pauline Jaye Rondubio and Luke Swanson

Introducing BizCom’s x Brand J’s newest interns, Luke Swanson and Pauline Jaye Rondubio.

Pauline is originally from Nashville, Tennessee and is enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University. Currently expecting to graduate in 2026, her new role is to post content and blogs for our clients.

Luke is a student of Oklahoma State University currently pursuing a degree in sports management. Originally from Frisco, Texas, Luke chose to intern at BizCom because he believed that the experience he could gain here will enable him to succeed in any career field he chooses to pursue after he graduates next year.

Why did you choose PR/Marketing? 

P: I had recently switched my major last year to music business with a minor in marketing and prior to that I really had no knowledge about PR or marketing. When I was going through the process of switching my major I looked into the different roles in the music industry and found marketing and PR to be very interesting to me. What interested me most was the aspect of supporting companies through PR/marketing and helping promote artists and businesses. 

L: I have always been fascinated with marketing. I think it’s super fun getting to promote something that you are doing and trying to get people to buy into that, and marketing is a great way to do that. 

Why did you choose PR/media relations/digital?

P: Social media and the internet has been a large part of my life for a long time. It’s a way to share pieces of my life with friends and connect with other people! And with being on social media for much of my adolescence till now, I have seen the growth of how social media has been the way that people get their news, advertisements, etc. We live in a digital age and it fascinates me how PR has adapted to that and makes me want to learn more about media relations and with this internship I’m able to experience the PR/digital media relations field head on!

L: I think this is an area that I would love to explore more of and it’s something kind of different to what I am studying at school. Getting to learn about all of the ins and outs of PR and how to communicate yourself effectively is important to being successful in business and in my personal life. 

What is the best advice you could give someone looking to start their career in PR?

P: The best advice I would give is to build on your skills. Whether it be communication or creative skills, I found that building on those skills especially have helped me become more comfortable with being in meetings and asking questions rather than being hesitant! 

L: If it’s something new that you don’t really know, embrace the opportunity to learn! There are so many people that want to see you succeed, so take the opportunity to build relationships with them and learn how to be the best you can be. 

When are you the happiest?

P: I’m the happiest when I am eating with my friends and family or when I’m at a concert. I find food and music such a great way to connect with my loved ones!

L: I am the happiest when I am surrounded by my friends and loved ones. Those people bring out the best in me and I love them all so dearly. 

What’s an activity you have always wanted to try, but haven’t had the chance to?

P: I really want to try pottery. I’m so intrigued watching videos of people making their own vases or bowls and it looks like fun! I would like to make my own chip and dip serving dish.

L: I’ve always wanted to try to learn how to code video games. I am a big video game guy, and it seems super fun yet also incredibly difficult and time consuming. 

If you had an extra hour each day, how would you spend it (not work related)?

P: If I had an extra hour each day, I would more than likely spend it on sleep or meal prepping!

L: I would probably spend it playing pickleball with my friends. We’ve really picked up playing it a lot in our down time this summer and we have become addicted. 

What is one talent you wished you had?

P: I wish I could draw and paint. I love going to art museums and looking at all the artwork makes me wish I could produce a beautiful painting, but at the moment I can draw a really cool smiley face with sunglasses!

L: I wish I could play guitar or play drums. I think being in a rock band would be kind of fun and cool. 

What are a few fun facts about you?


  • I was born in the Philippines.
  • Both of my pinky fingers are crooked.
  • A hobby of mine is I like to sing and record music!


  • I am in my college’s marching band
  • I’ve been to Dublin, Ireland twice
  • I played baseball for 10 years