Unleash the Power of Storytelling in Unexpected Ways

Great storytelling doesn’t have to be limited to print or video platforms. When you look around, there are an unlimited number of creative ways to tell a great story and break through all the noise to engage with your audiences.

Several years ago, for example, folks from the Allen Event Center approached BizCom about finding a creative way to celebrate the center’s 10th anniversary.

After considering several options, we decided the facility’s front windows would be a great place to showcase the center’s history and all the events it hosted in its first decade. The project was turned over to BizCom Design.

The result was a series of murals showcasing everything from concerts to professional and collegiate sporting events to rodeos and other highlights from that first decade.

Fast forward to 2023. The center has been renamed the Credit Union of Texas Event Center. They’ve purchased a new machine to resurface the ice during hockey games and other skating events. Once again, they came to us with a challenge: how can we use the new machine to remind fans that CUTX Event Center is a dynamic venue offering a variety of entertainment options from concerts to family shows to sporting events.

Challenge accepted!

Under the creative direction of Carlos Cortinas and Bryan Foux, the team initially came up with a concept designed around the question, “What’s In That Thing?”

Not only did the idea play off the common curiosity about what is under the hood of an ice machine, but it also created a more global umbrella the CUTX Event Center could use to market the

variety of events held inside the venue.

As the creative process moved forward, the concept was further refined to more of a call-to-action theme: “Discover What’s Inside.”

To tell the story, BizCom Design turned to artist Cory Say who produced a playful, colorful wrap featuring the mascots of the professional hockey and soccer teams that call the CUTX Event Center home.

And, in a “Where’s Waldo” style, he inserted Easter eggs within the design representing concerts, graduations and other activities that take place in the center and throughout the community.

The machine made its debut during an Allen Americans hockey game in early November, immediately grabbing the attention of fans, especially the young fans.

Next step will be to extend the “Discover What’s Inside” campaign to other platforms. And the opportunities are endless.

Gallery of images Image featuring Allen Americans mascot Biscuit the Bulldog
Ice machine image featuring Dallas Sidekicks mascot
CUTX Event Center ice machine on the ice

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